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Buyers of real estate have special needs that are not necessarily addressed by the attorney or title company handling the closing and title work. The closing agent is generally chosen by the seller and therefore represents the seller and not the buyer.

A smart buyer will have an independent representative looking out for their interests. Buyer representation entails communicating with the seller’s designated closing agent throughout the transaction. It also includes the provision of review and advisory services related to the contract both before and after signing as well as review of all title, closing, and financial documents.

Undetected errors in the title and oversights in document review can result in overcharges to the buyer and, in some cases, title defects that can threaten the buyer’s ownership interest in the property. We get closely involved to be sure that our buyers are treated properly throughout the closing process and get clear title.

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Consumer Protection

Purchasing a home is one of the largest investments that most people will ever make. You may be purchasing a home for the first time, refinancing an existing home, or investing in rental properties. In any case, there are many aspects of real estate transactions that are intricate, complicated, and challenging even to savvy investors.

Hiring an attorney to represent you is one of the best and most cost-effective ways to protect yourself and your investment. Just as you need an inspector to assess the condition of the property, you should have an attorney review the title and all related legal documents.

At Barry Miller Law, our team of attorneys works directly with you to keep you protected and informed. Our mission is to ensure that your transaction is completed correctly.

How we protect you

We possess the knowledge and experience it takes to keep you protected and informed throughout the course of your real estate transaction. Here are just a few examples of how we watch out for your best interests:

  • Not all title insurance policies are the same. We automatically remove the standard exceptions when there is a survey and other affidavits signed at closing.
  • Many properties have restrictive covenants in place from homeowners associations, condominiums, or plats. We can review the relevant documents and advise you if any covenants might potentially impair your plans for the property.
  • The budgets & capital reserves of a homeowners or condominium association should be reviewed in conjunction with the physical state of the property. Are there adequate funds available to cover unexpected expenses? We’ll make sure you know whether or not the association has enough money to cover unexpected expenses.
  • The purchase contract should be reviewed to ensure that all language is clear as to the rights and duties of both the buyer and seller. If it is, the transaction will go more smoothly and the deal will be completed with ease.

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