Navigating the Ransomware Catastrophe: The Closing Agent Steps In To Support Homeowners and Buyers

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In a shocking turn of events, Fidelity National Financial, a major player in the real estate industry, has fallen victim to a ransomware attack, sending shockwaves through the real estate market and causing panic among homeowners and buyers. The aftermath of this cyber catastrophe has left many transactions in limbo, leaving Realtors® individuals and businesses in need of assistance and solutions.

The Closing Agent, a reputable title insurance agent based in Orlando, Florida since 2002, is not a direct insurance company, but an agent for multiple underwriters and has emerged as a beacon of support for those affected by the Fidelity National ransomware incident. With access to multiple underwriters, The Closing Agent is uniquely positioned to expedite Fidelity National orders impacted by this unfortunate situation, providing much-needed relief to those caught in the crossfire.

Understanding the Fidelity National Ransomware Crisis:

Ransomware attacks have become an increasingly prevalent threat in our interconnected digital world, and no industry is immune. In a catastrophic turn of events, Fidelity National Financial, a key player in real estate transactions, has fallen victim to such an attack, causing widespread panic among homeowners and buyers.

The attack has resulted in a disruption of services and transactions, leaving many individuals uncertain about the status of their real estate deals. The ramifications of this incident are far-reaching, affecting not only the financial stability of Fidelity National but also the peace of mind of those relying on their services.

The Closing Agent: A Beacon of Support:

Amidst the chaos, The Closing Agent in Orlando, Florida, has stepped up to offer a lifeline to homeowners and buyers grappling with the fallout of the Fidelity National ransomware incident. While not a direct insurance company, The Closing Agent’s status as a title insurance agent with access to multiple underwriters positions them as a valuable resource for expediting Fidelity National orders.

The team at The Closing Agent understands the urgency and stress that this situation has created. We are committed to providing assistance and support to those affected by the ransomware attack, offering a way forward for transactions that may have been stalled or compromised.

How The Closing Agent Can Help:

  • Expedited Processing: The Closing Agent is equipped to expedite Fidelity National orders impacted by the ransomware incident, streamlining the process and minimizing delays.
  • Access to Multiple Underwriters: With access to multiple underwriters, The Closing Agent can explore alternative avenues and ensure that transactions move forward smoothly, even in the face of challenges posed by the Fidelity National cyberattack.
  • Expert Guidance: The experienced professionals at The Closing Agent are well-versed in navigating the complexities of real estate transactions. We can provide expert guidance and support to individuals and businesses affected by the ransomware incident.
  • 1031 Exchange Services: The attorney team and title specialists at The Closing Agent can help you structure your 1031 exchange so that it is in full compliance with the safe harbor regulations including making available the services of a qualified intermediary and providing for the establishment of qualified escrow or qualified trust accounts.


The ransomware attack on Fidelity National Financial has undoubtedly created a challenging landscape for homeowners and buyers alike. In times of crisis, it is reassuring to see industry players like The Closing Agent stepping up to offer support and solutions.

If you find yourself caught in the aftermath of the Fidelity National ransomware incident, know that The Closing Agent is here to help. With our commitment to expedited processing, access to multiple underwriters, and expert guidance, we are dedicated to assisting individuals and businesses in navigating these uncertain times and ensuring that real estate transactions can proceed with confidence.

In the face of a cyber catastrophe, let The Closing Agent be your trusted partner in finding a way forward. Call us at 407-425-2400 for more information.

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